Shared vision for Manchester’s future unveiled


The vision for how Manchester will confirm its place as a ‘top flight’ world city over the next decade has been published.

The Manchester Strategy will guide priorities for the city up to 2025. It follows on from a previous strategy produced in 2005, known as the Community Strategy, which has been the touchstone for leaders across the city.

Manchester Leader’s Forum – a group of public, private and third sector leaders from across the city – have played a key role in developing the strategy and will oversee its implementation.

The strategy has been shaped by extensive feedback from the public and partner organisations from across the city. More than 2,300 people and organisations contributed their views – the largest response the Council has ever had to a consultation process.

Key messages from the consultation included a strong sense of optimism about the city and its future but also calls for a cleaner and greener city. Concerns over litter and the need to reduce carbon emissions. There were also calls for further transport improvements.

The new strategy comes at a pivotal moment for Manchester as it aims to capture the opportunities which are emerging through devolution, increasing the momentum of a growing economy and ensuring no one is left behind.

Changing patterns of international trade, especially the growing importance of China and the East, mean Manchester has to continue to work to establish itself as a truly distinctive city which can compete on a world stage.

This is not a strategy for the council, it’s a strategy for the city as a whole and achieving its ambitious vision relies on every one of us who live or work in the city.

We’ve made tremendous progress on many fronts towards the ambitions for a world-class city set out in the previous strategy, but on others it has been slower than we would have liked. What’s important is that we don’t let up and keep challenging ourselves to work for an even better city where everybody can share in success.

Sir Richard Leese

Leader of Manchester City Council